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Clear Armor Protection

Protect your Windshield and your Wallet

What is it?

Supra Clear Armor is an invisible coating that makes your windshield hydrophobic. Water, rain and dirt won't stick. The coating is chemically and physically bonded to the windshield, strengthening the glass and preventing weathering at a microscopic level. 

What does it do for me?

Clear Armor makes the driving experience better. Night-time glare is reduced, and visibility in wet or snow conditions is improved. Because the glass is easier to clean, insects and bird droppings are efficiently washed away. The windshield is also more resistant to damage – chips and cracks happen less frequently, and it is nearly impossible to scratch. 

Does it come off?

The coating is 100% optically clear, UV resistant and will not blister or peel like other coatings. The coating is unaffected by soaps, solvents or detergents. No special maintenance or washing routine is required.


The Most Advanced Windshield Protection

Other Benefits of Clear Armor Coating for Your Auto Glass

  • Increase your deflection strength by 10X
  • Improved visibility = safer driving
  • Reduced light refraction
  • 35% reduction in night glare
  • Reduces snow and frost adherence
  • Improved moisture disbursement 
  • Lessens dirt and bug splatter retention

We Guarantee Our Work for Life

Lifetime warranty on all installations. We guarantee our workmanship for as long as you own your vehicle. GlassMasters auto glass provides the best in quality and service.